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11-04-2005, 05:24 PM

For guys: Take THIS sock and stuff it (http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/andmore/gift_guide/32031.aspx)

Nephew: mine loved this, but his MOM had more fun admiring the muscles (http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/andmore/just_for_kids/97873.aspx)

Attn ** MEN **: how to wrap packages (http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/andmore/giftsacks/giftsackdept.aspx)

For Hard-working Hands (http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/andmore/gifts/57315.aspx)

For Women: protect our delicate eyes (http://www.duluthtrading.com/search/searchresults/74585.aspx)

For the Friend who has trouble with long-term relationships (http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/andmore/gifts/35638.aspx)

For Lazy Bandmates -- place AWAY from the Keg (http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/andmore/gifts/61383.aspx)

For your Therapist (http://www.philosophersguild.com/index.lasso?page_mode=Home&category=freud&swfname= freud)

For the Drama Queen or King... the child within (http://www.philosophersguild.com/index.lasso?page_mode=Home&category=Magnetic&swfna me=magnetic1)

For the Politically Minded or Challenged (http://www.philosophersguild.com/index.lasso?page_mode=Product_Detail&item=0236)

For the Time Impaired (that includes me) (http://www.mentalfloss.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=ERW&Category _Code=gft)

For those who love to BAKE (http://www.stupid.com/stat/ONCE.html)

For the TEEN GIRL who knows, is, does, and has to have EVERYTHING (http://www.stupid.com/stat/TTTR.html)

For the Woman who appreciates Fine Jewelry (http://www.stupid.com/stat/PERL.html)

For the Omelette Chef (http://www.stupid.com/stat/EGSP.html)

:idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:

Jim H
11-10-2005, 07:54 AM
Oh wow, what a list. Good for a few chuckles. Hehe, thanks!

11-10-2005, 08:40 AM
love the watch!! its freakin me out man

11-11-2005, 08:03 AM
The Teen girl doll... I almost feel off my chair at work laughing. :lol: :lol:

11-12-2005, 05:47 PM
I think we should post the One Night Stand clothes bag over in the beer tent.

Don Robertson
11-12-2005, 07:57 PM
About a week before my Wife and I got married, a good friend took me aside and told me the secret to a long and happy marriage was the three rules of gift buying at Christmas and birthdays.
1. Nothing that had a handle,
2. was used in the kitchen or
3. bought from a TV infomercial.
So far it's worked, 23 years and alls well.

11-12-2005, 08:14 PM
yeah, but the 4th anniversary gift, according to the new rules, is an appliance. I can just see it now: "Hi hon, here's a brand new blender for our 4th wedding anniversary".... WHOP!!!!!

Now power tools are a different story. :thumb: :wink:

11-12-2005, 09:54 PM
Get both of them the Handyman. He comes in different varieties. As an electrician, plumber (no crack included). He is ALMOST anatomoically correct and the musles on this doll -- GEESH! -- Barbie would just melt in her little fluffy mule slippers.

Tires also do not make a good Christmas gift. Or anything that makes you leer and drool if we put it on.

11-12-2005, 09:57 PM
Anyone looking for any gift in PARTICULAR? I'm doing my Christmas Shopping online now. I'll holler if I find what you need. :thumb:

Don Robertson
11-12-2005, 11:30 PM
Originally posted by Rob Peitzsch:
yeah, but the 4th anniversary gift, according to the new rules, is an appliance. I can just see it now: "Hi hon, here's a brand new blender for our 4th wedding anniversary".... WHOP!!!!!

Now power tools are a different story. :thumb: :wink: Yup, WHOP !!! is right. How about the guy from my work who said, "they said on the tv commercial it would be a great gift",then bought his wife a mop for Christmas !!
Can you say LAWYER ?
For any young married guys reading here, all I can say is, JEWLREY fellas, JEWLREY !!!

11-13-2005, 10:32 PM
Well, for real, you can always get our Kitchen Pipers cookbook with recipes from pipers and drummers all over the world. Many contributors are from this list including Bob himself.

All proceeds go to our band fund. You can get info on our web site www.montanahighlanders.com (http://www.montanahighlanders.com) or email me.


11-13-2005, 10:50 PM
Carol, I like the cookbook idea. Always nice when I can do gifts that people will enjoy AND that benefit groups they would support if they knew. It's confusing if it's $18.00 Canadian or American dollars. It said the same, but that doesn't make sense. I love cookbooks with Scottish recipes.

Is there a sauce in there for haggis? Over in the beer tent, the guys have been wrangling over what kind of sauce goes on a haggis. Someone once asked for it and everyone was baffled because none of us have had haggis sauced.

Anyone else got some good Christmas ideas?

And yes, I LOVE JEWELRY too... even when he picks it up at the farmer's market. It's the thought that counts.

I'm going to be making bourbon balls for Christmas -- it's my specialty along with Banjo Island Shortbread (includes crushed white macadamia nuts, a wee bit of coconut and a wee bit of caramel with a thin layer of white chocolate on top. I better get busy!)

11-13-2005, 11:32 PM
Sorry - I can see where it could be confusing. The book is $13.95 US and $4.00 postage to US and Canada. Good grief, I only live 50 miles from Canada :wave:

There are several haggis recipes in it. I'll have to check about the sauces.


11-14-2005, 04:56 AM
I just got one of the best and unique Christmas gifts I've ever had in my life. it's a ,,,uuummmm..... Warmer of sorts. very ingenious, will look nice under the kilt.

11-14-2005, 10:59 PM
What the heck are you talking about? Is it a knitted...um...nose-warmer?

11-15-2005, 05:44 PM
For those with bad habits (http://www.wackyplanet.com/exstde.html)

Chair from the corner of Walk and Don\'t Walk (http://www.uncommongoods.com/item/item.jsp?itemId=13316)

:D For the perfect Baby: Buck Teeth (http://www.toysdot.com/Buck_Teeth_Pacifer.htm)