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plainspiper 04-15-2018 08:13 PM

Made a Fireside Drone Reed!
Some years back, someone gave me some well used Shepherd drone reeds that had the tongues completely decayed off of, and to boot they sounded terrible.

They've been sitting in a drawer for close to 10 years I think and looking at them today I decided to experiment a bit.

I took some steel epoxy putty and two worn out chanter reeds and stole the brass tubing out of them, then I epoxied the tubing into the cut down end of the old reed body.

Then I found some clear plastic for a tongue and used my sons braces rubber bands from the orthodontist to hold it in place.

It worked! But was pretty quiet in my Fireside drones. I need to up the sound a bit, any ideas for me? should I try a different type of plastic tongue or what do you think? I have a set of Seths old Fireside replacement reeds and modeled mine after what he did, albeit I believe his tube body is a better material and of course his tongues are fantastic on those Fireside reeds he made.

I'm thinking with the shop I have now at school..maybe I'll get some wooden dowels and try my hand at making some real wooden reeds. I just need to figure out what to use for tongues.

you can see it at:

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