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bob864 12-15-2018 02:35 PM

Re: Odd/obsolete embellishments
David Glen in particular is highly regarded for his editing skill, so presumably things found in his collections are probably notated how he thought they should go.

I like finding things in the old books and trying to figure out what the intention was. Sometimes I find stuff that sounds really cool, but I haven't really incorporated any of into my own playing.

But sometimes things go the other way -- I put bits of GHB into my tin whistle playing. The dre movement from piob, particularly.

Jim McGillivray's Piobaireachd Fingerwork has some discussion of "archaic" embellishments (pretty much everything that was ever printed in piob. collections). Obviously focused exclusively on piobaireachd, but it might give you some insights.

CalumII 12-16-2018 05:48 PM

Re: Odd/obsolete embellishments

Originally Posted by bob864 (Post 1333519)
David Glen in particular is highly regarded for his editing skill

Yes. I always find it mildly amusing when people debate whether or not the "redundant low A" was played or not when his tutor states as clear as day that it was.

It's also interesting to compare David's tutor to his forebear's, Thomas Glen's tutor, which is little better than that prefixed to Donald MacDonald's collection.

BGP 12-17-2018 07:13 AM

Re: Odd/obsolete embellishments

Originally Posted by Barry Shears (Post 1333492)
One thing I noticed, as you no doubt you have also, was the elimination of many of these 19th century embellishments, in favour of a more homogenous style which came in among the champion competitive pipers of the very early 20th century (Ross, Maclennan, Henderson,etc) and trickled down to others over the decades supported by modern written scores.
I wrote a little something about archaic fingering technique for the Pipers' gathering a few years ago and I am currently expanding the piece for general reading. It should be ready sometime in the new year and I will let everyone know when it becomes available.

Thank you Barry, I look forward to reading it.

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