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Bob 11-29-2001 04:56 PM

A few visit statistics - FWN
Fun with Numbers.. (sorry, I can't help myself I guess)

For those with an interest:

Tuesday the 27th was the second public day of the forums - 1100 views - 700 visits to the forum home page.
Day 3 was Wednesday the 28th - 2200 views - 1100 visits to the forum home page
Day 4 was yesterday the 29th - 6500 views - 2200 visits to the forum home page

A view is a new page being viewed, not a unique visitor.. the increase in views goes along with the increase in posts.. there was not much to view at first... The increase in forum home page visits.. wow!

Exciting and scary... because we're just starting out


Bob 11-30-2001 10:57 AM

Re: A few visit statistics - FWN
An update, for those with an interest:

I am scared (excited?) now.. the level of activity on these forums is beyond anything I expected - many of our forums are still being setup, just starting.. and we have already hit a level of activity that is frightening... (I had no idea there would be this level of acceptance, and so quickly)

And - the Drumming forums are just starting
And - the Dance forums are about to start..

We had more than 36,000 hits yesterday!
*Yes, that is a numbers game, but so many web sites report hits..

The fact is, we are doubling (at least) the number of new viewers each day, and the forum page views.. scary - more than 6,800 visits to the forum yesterday! (up from 2,200 the day before)

Youch - looks like we're really on to something here...


Whew.. Bob :D

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