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Mike Greene 05-17-2012 08:12 PM

Self Promoting Business Interests Policy
In an effort to address posts and threads that are more self serving in nature (ie; promoting commercial interests) and less about sharing of knowledge and learning. We are clarifying already existing rules to clear up what we feel is not acceptable.
  • Posts or Replies in any forum (with exception to the Industry News and Your Announcements forums) for the sake of self promotion of any product or service will not be permitted.
  • Makers, Vendors, Distributors who contribute to threads or make posts must do so strictly from the stand point of educating the membership, and in such a manner to NOT directly promote their product or service. ie; "I use XYZ on/in my product for just that reason" or, "it is for those reasons I only carry ABC product", or "I've been carrying/providing XYZ for years!".
These forums are a popular place and many people use them (on average 1800 users look at the forums every day). That is a great deal of exposure, the lure of free advertising appears to be too great for some to respect the boundaries. In order to preserve the integrity of the forums and keep blatant commercial posts out of our discussions the following actions will apply.
  1. Your post or thread will be removed from public view and you will be given a infraction. You will receive notice of this infraction and may appeal to the moderators to have your post re-instated. The appeal option is only available once, subsequent infractions do not have the appeal option.
  2. If you get 3 infractions for violating the above policy, you will be banned from the forum for 90 days.
  3. If after being re-instated you violate the policy ONCE, you will be banned permanently.
We are all here to educate and learn, not use this forum as a platform for self promotion of any product or service. We have two specific forums for that purpose, use them (within the rules of those forums) and there will be no problem. If you really want to "advertise", support the forums by purchasing banner space, it is an excellent deal for the amount of exposure you get.

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