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moderntraditional 03-14-2018 08:06 AM

Putting' it out there...
Participated in my first Archie Kenneth Quaich. Marvelous event and venue. Highly recommended to those of you in the UK and Europe. Heck, I flew in from the States, and would/will do it again.

Audience member recorded my performance of Lament for Finlay (Haharin hiotra) from the Campbell. Posted it to, if any of you are interested.

MacDonald style cadences (when performed) and crahinins. Full traditional taorluaths and crunluaths (you would call them "redundant A"). Urlar refrain before the crunluath, as typically assumed up to the 20th Cent.

You'll see the judges comments and my own notes. With some trepidation, I put this out there for others in the community to comment, and am happy to answer any questions, etc.

This will be the first of many such experiments in competing and recording (the hard part is recording - both finding the resource to do the recording, and the listening thereafter).

Hope you enjoy!

Bluescottygirl 03-15-2018 12:46 AM

Re: Putting' it out there...
I'm not knowledgable enough on piobaireachd to comment on your performance. I will say, well done getting to the Archie Kenneth and performing. I've played there a couple of times and it's one of my favourite venues. I was awestruck when I went in my first time to see a prominent player of olde and now a highly respected judge, sitting watching the event (when you consider that the Uist and Barra is on the same day). Having people milling around at the bar while you play adds to the ambience of the day :grin:

It's a fantastic, relaxed, well run event that gives us a lovely and knowledgable audience to play for. I was sad to have to sit it out this year.

I hope you get back to play there and continue to entertain with your currently unique music choices. I wonder if Allan MacDonald's appointment to the SPJA will see more people explore and play some of the older, less heard piobaireachds....

Heatherbelle 03-15-2018 01:21 PM

Re: Putting' it out there...
That must have been so refreshing for the judges and audience to hear and experience. Well done for breathing new life into the event and the tune, for being adventurous and courageous enough to present it, and for the long journey you made to take part and share it! I'm looking forward to hearing it and reading more. :thumb:

RichmondPiper 03-25-2018 08:46 AM

Re: Putting' it out there...
You're to be congratulated for putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak. Many people have commented on the constraints that are felt by pipers against anything unusual, fuelled by the emphasis on competition. I think there is sometimes unease amongst judges against departing from orthodoxy for fear of controversy/criticism etc (and sometimes, dare it be said, they don't know of the alternatives). That appears not have been the case here, though.

We will never know quite how piobaireachd was played in the "good old days" but there were surely many different settings and interpretations and reliance on reasonable authority should be enough of a basis for a performer to rely on.

Well done.

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