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Andrew Lenz 11-30-2017 03:52 PM

Re: You play like a girl!
If I have to "play like a girl" can I pick Faye Henderson? Then I could kick about 99% of the male piper's booties on the planet.


DNorwood 12-07-2017 07:34 AM

Re: You play like a girl!
The interpretation of the comment says much about the person doing the interpreting.

johnsog 12-08-2017 10:25 AM

Re: You play like a girl!
Yeah... with all the sexual impropriety in the news lately as well as some interesting discussions with male friends, that works both ways. We need to consider how the comment was intended as well as watch our own reactions. I think we should try to let others know when we a comment might not be taken the way it was meant but also consider the other person may just be ignorant of how they may be perceived. As for piping, there are so many of all genders who are excellent players and I would LOVE to be able to play like any of them!!

Margaret 06-08-2018 07:12 AM

Re: You play like a girl!

Originally Posted by johnsog (Post 1320984)
If you'll excuse my adding to this sidebar, women are now competing in rodeo as well. Also, men and women compete equally in grand prix horse jumping.

I'll dredge this one up out of the past :)...

I picked team roping (USTRC and ACTRA)as an equal as women are currently competing on an equal footing.

Both the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc) and PBR (Professional Bull Riders) still don't have women competing equally with men in all events - women were banned from the arenas during the WW2 era and never gained access again until barrel racing (Women's Pro Rodeo Assoc), and although men compete in barrels in American Quarter Horse Assoc events, they don't at a "regular" rodeo - I picked PRCA/PBR specifically as they're the two dominant money makers. There are women's rodeos, but the crowd draw is much less, which is too bad, it's just as exciting.

I like the Grand Prix and the English riding circuit - they did away with the good ol' boy view a long time ago.

plainspiper 06-11-2018 02:47 PM

Re: You play like a girl!
Day before yesterday, was on the Hurdy Gurdy Players page looking at what goes on there. Love the hurdy gurdy, Black Sails theme, all that.

A woman on a post was going off on the whole forum basically because of snark and what she deemed basic BS comments and juvenile insults.

So I agree with this:
"I've had to delete the first response I wrote to this.

I teach the pipes, for a living. I teach men, women, boys, girls. There is no difference. Then they go out into the piping scene and they meet people like you and attitudes like this and I am sick to death of it. The little remarks. The silly little comments. You didn't really mean it. It was just banter. Women do NOT need your, or anyone else's, opinions on what they are and aren't capable of or how they perform.

Just don't do it. Just don't.

You know, I love the pipes and I love the music, but sometimes the people really depress me. It's not just you. You can hear this same nonsense spouted everywhere in the piping world. They don't tell you why they leave. They just get sick of the little put downs and the slightly creepy middle-aged married guys and they quietly hand their kit in and go while the rest of us just carry on laughing in the bar.

The piping scene needs to grow up."

ALL of it. Absolutely. But I also say its not just in the piping world. Its all over. I went to Denver Seminary, learned how to "be a servant", pastor, all that stuff. The one quote that stands out to me after 3 years of study: "We live in b***hy times,'re going to have to deal with it."

People are much more likely to tear down than build up. They are also less likely to confront face to face rather than get mad and leave or gossip and tear you down behind your back.

It's about building relationships that can be trusted, based on positive intent, that is the key issue that I've seen in my line of work in two different, maybe 3, careers now. Where if someone slips and says something dumb, its not catastrophic to the offender and the offendee as well--but can be worked through.

But when I see what just goes on between Fox News and CNN when you see the word "Trump" or "Clinton", I dont have much hope. I would, however, like to see people ante up and own up to being more positive, confront what needs to be confronted, and also when need be--let it go--as if answering a fool really will make them wise in their own eyes OR for that matter is worth it. I think someone a long time ago said that...

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