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hooks 02-17-2019 07:18 PM

Re: Help Improving Band Tuning
I have found the Braw Tuner an absolute must have for tuning.

To tune to a desired pitch which you can set manually or tune to a given chanter's pitch hit the "low A = " square on the right hand side of the main page.

This opens up a page called "Set reference Low A " which enables you to calibrate to a chanter's pitch by playing Low A for about 5 seconds or alternatively you can set the pitch manually here if desired.

Once this pitch has been set the drones can be tuned as with any tuner by holding your cell phone to the drone top and adjusting the drone until the green arrow centres itself.

Although I think most pipes prefer to tune their pipes by ear this tuner is ideal for tuning the whole band while they are playing in a circle.


RJB 02-17-2019 07:24 PM

Re: Help Improving Band Tuning
That's it! Thanks mate.

DapperDan 02-18-2019 07:10 AM

Re: Help Improving Band Tuning

Originally Posted by RJB (Post 1334966)
So, being somewhat of a technological neanderthal, I've not found an easy way, using the Braw tuner, to type, punch, or lock in a certain pitch (let's say from a well-tuned player's chanter), then go around tuning everyone else's drones using that pitch. What am I missing here, besides a brain I mean.

Another good one is the "Bee Flat tuner" app. It costs a few bucks, but you can have a band's drones tuned quickly without doing any math or having to set up options or enter any info. You can use it to get the chanters in quickly as well.
You can open the app, and press one button and have your reference pitch. And you can take the reading off of either a chanter (any note) or a drone. So if the pm or another solid player is warmed up and tuned, you can get a quick reading off his/her drone while playing a tune (best way to get a reading, so the player isn't subconciously changing pressure to bring a Low A in tune). The screen is very easy to read, and you can also tune notes on the chanter. You can enter a pitch manually if you want, or adjust it with an up/down button on the screen. There are options you can program, but it's set for GHB by default.

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