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phinson 07-09-2019 08:58 AM

"Heilan Laddie" blocked?
I was watching a YouTube video of the Scots Guards escorting the crown from Edinburgh Castle to the Scottish Parliament ( Every time the P&D started to play "Heilan Laddie", the video was cut until the tune was finished.

The description of the video says:
"Saturday 29th June 2019 saw the 20th anniversary of The Scottish Parliament.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was in town for Royal Week, staying in Holyrood Palace.
The Crown of Scotland was taken from Edinburgh Castle by luxury limo guarded by The Duke of Hamilton and The Scots Guards.
The Scots Guards P&D played the 20 minutes from Edinburgh Castle down the Royal Mile to The Scottish Parliament Building.
Due to Heilan Laddie being blocked in 240 countries (why?!) I have had to remove that song from the VT .. sorry."

Anyone else heard of this? Anyone know why the tune is being blocked?

Paul Hinson

CalumII 07-09-2019 09:57 AM

Re: "Heilan Laddie" blocked?
Because Youtube's algorithms are a hot mess and no-one has the financial incentive to fix them.

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