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Bob 01-23-2006 10:03 AM

Piobaireachd geek?
This week's PPOD are from the Winter Storm contest - and for the Wednesday photo:
I mention that I think my daughters are Piobaireachd Geeks :D

OK - clearly a very trivial topic :shrug:

Liz called me yesterday to ask about this - She has (had) in her mind that being called a 'geek' on / in any subject area would be a 'bad' thing.

I of course.. don't think that at all, but I'm wondering - now that I'm so much older than I have ever been, have I lost touch with that part of the language - is being a Piobaireachd Geek not a good thing? :humm:

Jan 01-23-2006 10:23 AM

Re: Piobaireachd geek?
Bob, Its a bad thing..... Apologize :lol:

From Mariam-Webster Dictionary -

1. : a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake
2 : a person often of an intellectual bent who is disapproved of

Jan 01-23-2006 10:27 AM

Re: Piobaireachd geek?
How about calling them :

"piobaireachdophiles" :bleh:

Adam Sanderson 01-23-2006 11:45 AM

Re: Piobaireachd geek?
Piobaireachd geeks, bah, how pathetic! Don't they have anything better to do with their time than look at A' Mhil Bhraonach, (aka Fair Honey, Piobaireachd Society Book 9, page 262, but also in the Ms of Thomason, Duncam Campbell, Canntaireachd and Angus MacKay, although MacKays setting is unamed and substantially different).

These people should get out more.

Pop 01-23-2006 12:06 PM

Re: Piobaireachd geek?
Bob, I do not know about the upper North West, but acording to my twelve year old Grandson and his friends Geek is good. I pick up Travis after school and several of his friends and they all are proudly "Geeks" Their dif. is; a geek is in at least two honours or G.T. class's. This regardless to their athletic ability as all of this little group are very involved in sports. Below the "Geeks" are the "Semi Geeks" one advanced class and then the "Norms", no advanced classes.

Tom Kirkham 01-28-2006 09:46 AM

Re: Piobaireachd geek?
Have fun with it Bob.

The recent post "you may be a piping nerd if..." had many responses from people ADMITTING being or having piping nerd experiences.

Some commercial businesses call there support groups "Service geeks", "Technogeeks", etc. So, it can't be that bad. :D

Paul Gretton 01-28-2006 10:44 AM

Re: Piobaireachd geek?
What is sad about this lovely music is that it has been turned – over about the past 100 years – into the preserve of a certain kind of geekdom and nerdishness. By contrast, one would not call someone a geek or nerd who was “into” Irish slow airs or Scottish “big ballads”.

Fortunately, there are some cracks in the concrete.

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