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Michael Kazmierski Dunn 04-04-2017 06:06 PM

DegerPipes first generation issue
Hi all,
Yesterday I just got a DegerPipes (first generation) for my extremely belated birthday present, and I'm glad I got one. However, I knew already that the battery clip was missing. So, I went with a friend to an electronic store to see if they could actually solder the clip onto the wires. They did, but it's not working.
One of my other friends looked at the wires before we sent it in to be soldered, and I totally forgot to tell the guy that soldered the clips, but there's a plastic covering over one of the wires. My guess is that the plastic doesn't provide any connection to the battery. If so, I wonder why it's on there.
If any of you still have first generation DegerPipes anymore, do you mind looking at the bottom end to see if one of your wires has a little plastic covering over it? I have no idea where this plastic covering starts on one of the wires, but it definitely goes all the way to the top. Even with several fresh batteries I get no sound whatsoever. If I plug in a MIDI device which I know works with my Technopipe, I don't get any signal either.
Has anyone has this problem? My guess is that there's no plastic cover on any of the wires on yours, and if this is correct, then I'll have them cut the plastic off and re-solder the clip onto the bare wires. I'm really desperate to get these pipes going, since I've been waiting since 4th grade to own one of these. Thanks and good luck,


Michael Kazmierski Dunn 04-06-2017 08:57 PM

Re: DegerPipes first generation issue
Well, I did manage to contact Manfred Deger about the issue and he told me that the only real option would be to have to send it back in for repair (frown) (frown) (frown) (frown).
However, on a different subject, for some reason, somebody told me that the shipping fee to return something to a European country is $200. Is this correct or is that just nonsense? How have any of you Deger owners managed to send your pipes in? I'd like to get these going ASAP... (cry)
(hands praying)

Buzz (not that one) 04-07-2017 09:37 AM

Re: DegerPipes first generation issue
Michael, can you post some pictures? It would help to see what you're describing.

Michael Kazmierski Dunn 04-07-2017 09:43 AM

Re: DegerPipes first generation issue
That's totally impossible! I mean, how the frickin' Haggis can a blind person post pictures? (mad) I guess I'll have my dormmate Bri take care of that - she may not be a piper but she's super good at video and picture stuff - and believe it or not, she is also good at the kind of music I hate - that's yodeling...
Anyway, if you see another reply from me on this thread because Bri uploaded a picture or video of the bottom end of my Deger.

Paul M Burke 04-07-2017 09:53 AM

Re: DegerPipes first generation issue

Originally Posted by Michael Kazmierski Dunn (Post 1313028)
... Snip... she's super good at video and picture stuff


Michael Kazmierski Dunn 04-07-2017 01:17 PM

Re: DegerPipes first generation issue
I think Bri and I probably isolated the problem but of course, I haven't tried it out to be sure, since it will require either those little tabs or soldering. But Bri looked some more and there was actually some tape connecting what would have been the old battery clip to the actual wires inside the pipes. One side wasn't taped correctly and there was actually a crack between the two wires, so maybe that's why it won't start. she took the old wires off so there are two short little wires coming out of the bottom end. But the wires are super short and there's not too much space inside so I have no idea how a computer store would be able to do it. She attached a file so I'm going to upload this to (a new file download server which is completely free). According to Bri there is a short blue wire and a short red wire.

Michael Kazmierski Dunn 04-07-2017 01:42 PM

Re: DegerPipes first generation issue
Do you care to PM me your Email address? Bri just sent an embedded image and I can't save it as a file, which you need in order to provide a link. Dang Bri! (horrible yodel)

Buzz (not that one) 04-07-2017 01:58 PM

Re: DegerPipes first generation issue
Out of curiosity I just looked at shipping rates from Alma to Germany. Holy moly! I've had things shipped from Scotland and England before and it's not bad, but apparently Germany is more expensive to reach. Around $165 using UPS or FedEx, but USPS could do it for around $65. Anyway, not what you'd want to spend to fix the pipe.

I have a first gen Deger at home and will look at it tonight.

Hmmm... I wonder how to finish this joke: A bagpiper and a yodeler walk into a bar...

Michael Kazmierski Dunn 04-07-2017 02:09 PM

Re: DegerPipes first generation issue
I think Bri has an answer to that... haha... Myself, I hate yodeling, in fact I detest it. Bri, on the other hand, is super good at it. But she has no Youtube videos of it.
Let me think here. A bagpiper (myself) and a yodeler (Bri) walk into a bar. Maybe the piper asks, "Hey, since you yodel, are you from Germany? I have a Dudelsak right here..." - hmm, I'm struggling with that too. And no, Bri isn't my girlfriend, Deborah is... One of the most popular places yodeling originated was Germany, and of course, if Bri didn't tell me that, I wouldn't have known that. And the Dudelsack is from both Germany and Austria, another yodel-rich place. I know, that's what you get for being 21... and Bri, having senioritis...

Michael Kazmierski Dunn 04-07-2017 02:27 PM

Re: DegerPipes first generation issue
Ok, here we go. Straight from (yodelin') Bri Yaroch!

Just confirm with your Email and you should be all set.

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