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Michael Kazmierski Dunn 03-11-2016 08:18 PM

UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes
Hello piping gang,
Alright, so I have a Technopipe, and I love it, because I'm just an electronic bagpipe lover like some of you. I got it for Christmas in 2006 when I was in fifth grade. I originally wanted a Deger for its (better) tuning, but had to settle for the Technopipes. Many years have gone by and there is now the Iphone and a big gamut of apps that allow you to play the pipes and whatnot. I have a question. Or several, depends how you look at it. First of all, I downloaded the U Piper Iphone app last Christmas (the end of 2014). I have an IPhone 6, and it uses what I believe is called a Lightning cable to charge it. Understandably the Technopipes need to be connected to MIDI in order for this to work with UPiper, I do have the cable (I should say my Dad does). Do any of you people know if there is a special cord that goes from Lightning to MIDI so that the MIDI cable that came with the Tecnopipes could plug into that? This would be appreciated. Part of reason why I'm wondering about this, the UPiper app, I am dearly afraid to say so, has a better-tuned chanter than the Technopipes (I have perfect pitch, I can definitely hear it myself, no offense to Fagerstrom). In addition, my 20th birthday is coming up on the 23rd. (in March, If you are reading this another month). Your comments are appreciated. Thanks so much

PS. "Why are you posting this late?" Well, hey, it's the weekend. Considering that I'm in college, why not stay up for the weekend when you have literally nothing else to do on Saturday, without a roommate. Also, if you feel my words were a bit out-of-place, I am sorry about that. Finally I have to confess that I am unfamiliar with how the Trading post works, in case I should buy something from you guys (the cable for example), so if this does happen, can one of you kindly assist me with that? I'd appreciate the help.

736dave 03-13-2016 11:20 PM

UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes
I did exactly this by with the iphone 4. The sound was better, as you'd hope, but I found I didn't use it often enough to justify the cost. Too many cables and settings to fiddle with. If I just want to practice, technopipes and (good) earbuds do the job. If I want to sound good, I spin up the real GHB. Having said that, the adapter I used was called an iRigMidi

olypiper 03-14-2016 01:17 AM

Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes
I use the iRig MIDI with an iPod 4th gen. Looking at the iRig website, they have a MIDI 2 device that has a cable for the iPhone 6. That is what I would try.

Michael Kazmierski Dunn 03-14-2016 05:42 PM

Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes
Thank you Dave and Stuart for your replies. Stuart this is exactly what I'm looking for. Now my Dad needs to know what this thing is because I talked to him and he said he'll get it for me, so if you don't mind giving me the Url for it that would be appreciated. Dave, I know what you mean when you say you'd get your Ghb out. But the deal is, I'm at college (specifically Alma) and they won't allow me to play pipes - not even practice chanter - in the dorm. Yes, Technopipes, but again the B and F are too out of tune for my ears. And when it's frigid weather? No way taking that risk going to the (ridiculously distant) music building to practice Ghb. If you thought the same as I did, the Lightning jack I was talking about is similar in appearance to a Mini-Usb. Not the long plug as used on the Iphone 4s which I had before (it was an upgrade to the 6s). Thanks for suggesting that anyway Dave. Again thanks, Michael

olypiper 03-14-2016 06:27 PM

Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes

Originally Posted by Michael Kazmierski Dunn (Post 1297847)
if you don't mind giving me the Url for it that would be appreciated.

Here you go Michael!

Ron Teague 03-14-2016 07:00 PM

Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes
I've got one of these for the Ipad and the usb one for my computer. Both work well IF I can remember to put the technopipe into MIDI mode which I often forget to do. When this happens I cuss and blame the technopipe or the computer or Ipad or the weather or sunspots or pixies. It is NEVER my fault--until it is--which it always is-blast it.

Michael Kazmierski Dunn 03-14-2016 08:11 PM

Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes
Thanks Stuart. I just forwarded the link to my Dad, and when I do get this thing I'll post the results. Meanwhile, does anyone know if Mr. Eskin's piping apps support Midi in the same way as UPiper? Studiopiper is totally screenreader-unfriendly and I like carrying a portable phone around to which I can plug in a Midi device from the Technopipe. Also, I have samples of drone and chanter notes I made myself, each 1 second long and at dead-on 480 for Highland pipes, 440 for Border- and Small-pipes. They're sampled in a way nobody has done before (maybe) but I would say this is best left for another time as it's an uber long story / process. If you are interested, I can upload the samples in a Zip file on Dropbox. Not sure if Eskin can add these to his samples once he has them, but we'll see how they turn out.

tenthpiper 03-15-2016 02:24 AM

Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes
Out of tune in relation to what? It does say its +- 3 hz so you would have to tune it to be in tune with another technopipe for example or a set of pipes .
Peterson do the best tuner app by far( 10x more accurate than the competition ) with the world pack.

bob864 03-15-2016 03:59 AM

Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes
Midi just sends note numbers anyway, so it will be as in tune as your software makes it.

Here's a link to a number of iOS midi interfaces. I'd get one that has lightning and USB so you can connect it to a computer too.

Michael Kazmierski Dunn 03-15-2016 05:34 AM

Re: UPiper on the IPhone and Technopipes
Tenthpiper, I wasn't clear. First of all, I'm blind, and you probably are not aware of the fact that most (not all, most) blind people - including me - have perfect pitch. And tuners don't talk, so why, given blindness, use one? Totally visual stuff and unfeelable too. On the Technopipe itself, with no Midi connected, the B is slightly flat as it beats with the drones and it theoretically shouldn't do that, and the F is way sharp. Essentially they are tuned to equal temperament on the Technopipe, rather than just-intonation, which is the sole reason for my question about UPiper. Maybe not just-intonation, whatever they call that Harmonic Tuning temperament. The B and F on a Deger are both tuned, which is why I had been interested in Deger since 4th grade, but according to my mom, customer service is better than tuning - what? She must be tone-deaf, but I can see where she's coming from, what if you have a problem with it you can just contact the maker. Also, on the Irig, which port does the cable go, in, out or through? Just afraid to damage the circuitry on the Technopipe, heard that the Irig has three ports. My Dad just ordered it from Sweetwater and he'll drop it by my dorm this coming weekend. Few of my piping friends here at Alma own a Technopipe so I can't wait to show them. Even though she's not a piper I think my girlfriend Deborah will notice a difference for the better in the sound produced. Now before I leave this post I have a very, very important blindness-related question. We use Voiceover for our Iphones, because touchscreen on its own is just trouble, for lack of a better word. If you touch a spot on the screen with Voiceover active, it'll just say it, so you double-tap with Voiceover to do the same accomplishment as a simple touch for you sighted folks. Anyone know if Upiper is compatible with Voiceover? I rarely if ever used it before, so using the Irig with it will be one of my first times. Nor did I think of getting the app last Christmas, it was Deborah that recommended it for me because she knows I'm a piper. And she and I (as well as my blind twin sister) use the Iphone with Voiceover. I've tried Eskin's apps and, sorry to say, they don't work with Voiceover because you simply can't touch unless it's turned off, but then again you don't know where you're touching if you're blind, hence me asking if Eskin's piping apps support Midi like Upiper does. Sure, they have a wonderful sound on their own too, but for accessibility... Alright, thanks Michael

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