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Michael Kazmierski Dunn 01-14-2019 09:39 AM

The youngest Zampogna costruttore (pipemaker)?
I recently discovered this really young Zampogna maker named Carmine Dante (born 1998). As I understand it, tonally he makes really amazing Zampognas. However, I don't know whether or not he speaks English. Nevertheless, he does have a pretty good Youtube channel with the pipes that he makes, although the videos themselves are in Italian.
I think I can sum it up to say that he's probably the Laura Bretan of Zampogna making. Just as Laura Bretan, of Romania, is an amazing opera singer even when she debuted at age 13 a few years ago, Carmine is, well, an amazing young Zampogna maker. On top of that, he's an expert accordion player and maker.
So, I wonder if anybody has heard of any other very young pipemakers? Not specifically Zampognas of course, but any young pipemakers in general? Is Carmine Dante truly the youngest pipemaker?

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