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KiltSwinger 03-10-2011 10:03 AM

Re: Dumb things pipers do (or say)

Originally Posted by ferraribagpiper (Post 1143373)
The dumbest thing I've done so far is to get my finger stuck in the top of my practice chanter...


Originally Posted by Zach (Post 1143381)
One time a few years back I was tuning drones and one of the piper's tenors was stuck so i started pulling on it. It popped off hit me in the eye and gave me a black eye.

My son has done BOTH of those! :roflmao:

A couple of years ago, he was tuning his bass drone when it popped out, kicked up and gave him a black eye.....

And a couple of weeks ago, he was changing his bag cover and stuck his finger in the chanter stock....... it took him a while to work free. (I was of no help at all.... I was laughing too much!)

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