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Bellows Blown 04-26-2019 05:20 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
I got one - paid $40 preowned and coin well spent. Had to settle for a Bb but it suits my chanter anyhow.

Only minor tape trim and it does not need to be retuned from down in the city to up here in the mountains - it is the same pitch all the time - so good. Big back a and a bright top hand overall. Very happy and you can put it in a glass of warm water for ten minutes and then play it straight away and it is always the same pitch.

I took a video of the boy playing up at McLean but there is no way to have a video on this note and I do not know computers well enough to find out how but someone else might have one because there were other watchers with their recorder phones. Maybe one of them can.

very happy.


Patrick McLaurin 04-26-2019 05:57 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
You’ve managed quite the assessment in the less than 3 days you’ve had it. :thumb:

Bellows Blown 04-26-2019 09:16 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Less than 2 days in reality.

Up here it is a bit cold at night and a usual reed would need to be fiddled with - not this one.

It was mid 20's c when I got it and the pitch has not changed from that day to now.

The sound is very good and it may not be cane or sound like what the cane purist wants but it just works the same everytime I blow it. Goodness bless this material.

Keep in mind that these have been used in the recent New Zealand contest and with a good result as the same from the Australian contests recently and with a good nod from the judges.

I don't need anything more and I am not or never was a great piper but I know what sounds nice and is good to blow.

No one but me will ever know and I don't care I am playing my pipes again and I am very very happy. I don't need to be a purist.

I have spent enough pennies.


3D Piper 04-27-2019 05:27 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Post a sample of you playing it, would love to hear it


Bellows Blown 04-27-2019 04:11 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Listening to my playing is likely not the best option even I know I am just playing.

If I knew how to work with the computer gear a bit better I could show you the video of the boy playing he was doing a great job but it is on my telephone recorder so I can only watch and listen to it on my phone.

If you have some simple steps to do it I would be seeing if I could do it but most things I try with computers and these new phones I just buggar it up.

Contact his band people because there can only be one boy in their band that plays like he can. He had GMM on hes cover and the gentleman that pm me said he plays with Hornsby rsl band. Don't quote me if you please as I have pestered a few people to get where I am and if you want help it may not help to mention my efforts. To answer the question I firsr asked the man who made the reed is called Dale and he is the boys father.

I am now going out to further test the patience of my good neighbors with my new reed.


Patrick McLaurin 04-27-2019 05:06 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Corey Dale huh? He (used to?) make pipes, then fell ill or something, I dunno. Super nice guy, at least over email. He was featured on McLaren’s initial YouTube video demonstrating the McLaren reed many years ago. So no surprise he also knows how to custom make the McLaren style of reed.

I still kinda want one of his pipes that he made out of native Australian hardwoods. Gidgea and snakewood were pretty cool looking.

daj 04-28-2019 04:52 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
The funny thing about the internet and forums is just how many responders assume that they seem to be able to read into or make assumptions on threads, when clearly they have no idea of many of the facts.
In recent years a great deal of information sharing is now being made far less public, simply because of these so called keyboard experts. Not just in this forum but a lot of other places. In this case the original poster was very wrong on so many of the conclusions, also the clandestine methods of seeking information that was not freely given seems more than a little unethical to say the least.
The latest post by another prolific poster assuming there is only one Corey, involved in bagpipes .....really????
More and more these days instruments are being made by engineers and not carpenters or cabinet makers...the technologies involved and methods of measurement as advancing far quicker than the attitudes often expressed on these pages

Patrick McLaurin 04-28-2019 06:15 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Perhaps you mean “more than one” Dale? Dale was the name given by the OP, not Corey. I said Corey, Corey Dale.

Sure, it was a guess. Considering the public YouTube relationship between Corey Dale and McLaren, and the similarity between the McLaren reed and the reed in the original post, didnn’t seem like much of a stretch to assume the Dale in question is Corey Dale.

Of course, maybe Dale is a REALLY common name over there?

So, how about you fill in the appropriate blank?

_________ Dale __________ (Jackson?)

I could make more assumptions. You’ve advocated heavily for synthetic reeds in the past on this forum. Claimed to have or currently do make bagpipes. Your forum name is daj. Harley Jackson has a dad named Dale and his dad made his pipes. Maybe his plastic chanter reed too?

daj 04-28-2019 07:28 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?

Originally Posted by Patrick McLaurin (Post 1336913)

I could make more assumptions. You’ve advocated heavily for synthetic reeds in the past on this forum. Claimed to have or currently do make bagpipes. Your forum name is daj. Harley Jackson has a dad named Dale and his dad made his pipes. Maybe his plastic chanter reed too?

I'm still making pipes, this is my current project, will most likely get plastic reeds, at least to test. But prefer to stay away from the competitive elements of the GHB world in preference to music. Collaborating with some incredible people throughout the world to realise this project. Sadly due to the clandestine methods that a few people seem to go by, it's unlikely we will ever make all the information available in a public instead we discuss advances and innovations in private discussions.

Patrick McLaurin 04-29-2019 07:02 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?
A 3D printed musette?

Looks cool, I’m totally unfamiliar with that scene and the instrument itself. Can’t say I’ve ever heard one. Sorry to hear people are acting clandestinely (that a word?).

I enjoy sharing all my discoveries through my website, as a computational chemist I’m all about open source software and transparency in science and in general. Advancement only comes on the shoulders of giants who were willing to share. Maybe someday you’ll be able to share your creation despite those that would seek to undermine it.

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