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Bellows Blown 05-03-2019 09:29 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Dear Mathew

I have got the video as you asked. The kids did it for me and I will not do it again because it took over two hours.

It is from my telephone recorder so I cannot change any of it so the quality is what you can get only.

I do not want to know if you like it or not and I do not care what anyone else thinks. I like it and I was there and heard and saw this little boy play so well. I would like to have ever played as well.

The judge was a good piper and he gave the boy a good nod for his playing and the judge also gave him a good nod for how well this chanter sounds on the score sheet. I do not know if the judge knows that the reed was artificial cane but he said the sound was good so it does not matter anyway. This was told to me from one of the band players so it is likely a truth.

The reed in the photo is the exact same reed in the chanter this boy is playing, I took the picture myself.

Do not ask me for any more information as I am already a nuisance to them. The name on his bag is The Governor MacQuarie Memorial Pipe Band and they have contact details in the Internet so ask them for any information you want, not me.



CalumII 05-04-2019 07:56 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Many thanks, BB. Very interesting video. I appreciate the effort you went to to post it for us.

Bellows Blown 05-08-2019 06:39 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?
He makes pipes and chanters as well as the reeds.

I found his pipes on because thats where he gets the timber to make them.

It is all Australian native wood called Gidgee.

Looks good and sounded good might be worth the look.

DNorwood 05-08-2019 11:36 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?
With the 'reported' lack of quality of several plastic reeds on the market and the absence of a fulfillment from another big name in the synthetic reed market, perhaps several folks making inquiry with the reed maker will help along this endeavor. :-)

shane333 05-13-2019 08:16 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?
What tune is this young man playing during the first half of the video, or he just improvising?

CalumII 05-13-2019 08:26 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?

Originally Posted by shane333 (Post 1337348)
What tune is this young man playing during the first half of the video, or he just improvising?

Glengarry's Lament, the piobaireachd.

Bellows Blown 06-01-2019 06:11 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
I played with a Smallpipe Band last evening with my plastic b flat reed in my War-Mac chanter. All at b flat 466 aprox.

A young piper joined in with a Shepherd "Orchestral" chanter which plays at b flat 466 by purpose built design.

He also had his band chanter with him which is a Shepherd 3 chanter and he plays it at band pitch 478 aprox.

He put my plastic b flat reed in his Shepherd 3 chanter and it played at good tune at b flat. He only put a lick of tape on the bottom hand notes and he played it with the Smallpipe and Jazz group in tune.

He thought I would have to buy a designed b flat chanter to play with other instruments and he was flummoxed to explain why my plastic reed would play b flat in a band chanter.

I don't know why this worked but it now no longer needs me to buy a purpose made b flat chanter. Save some pennies.

This might also be the case with some standard reeds also but it did not work with the young man's standard band reed.

I don't have any answers, only information about events. I only use a korg tuner and add or subtract the offsets but the young man had a high tech electric tuner and he seemed sure of what we were hearing.


Jim Fogelman 06-04-2019 06:17 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?
So he was playing highland pipes at a smallpipe band?

And put a smallpipe reed in his highland chanter?

Bellows Blown 06-22-2019 08:55 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Reeds update

The reed in the picture works so well as the design has what is being called a backbone design.

One in our small pipers group has close ties to one of the McLaren small pipers and has confirmed that the McLaren reed now also has adopted a backbone design because it works so well with plastic. The backbone can be clearly seen on this reed and the McLaren reeds when you put them up to the light. This is how you tell if you have a current model McLaren reed of the older design.

There is a band competition being held today at Brisbane and our Qld piper has been told to look out for the band using plastic reeds as have many of the other bands and officials at the competition.

We will wait to see the results and as the judges would now know that the plastic chanter reeds are being played it will be of interest to see how they are to be viewed, or persecuted.

We are looking like we are on the cusp.


Harley G 06-29-2019 06:03 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
To answer the first question, my Dad makes the reeds.

To answer the other questions sent to me,

I am small and not a strong blower and do not have great bag control. I need a soft-med reed to be able to play the pipes comfortably but most of the softer reeds, both cane and plastic will not allow me to play more advanced tunes such as jigs and hornpipes because they tend to squeak and chirp when going to and from the octave G and A. This reed allows me to play these tunes with comfort and confidence.

The march in the video, Lily Christie is an excellent example of such a tune and in the video you will not hear any chirps. Plenty of other mistakes yes, but no chirps.

My family has been involved with making chanters and cane reeds for more than 25 years and much of this experience was used to create and develop this unique plastic composite reed profile.

The staple is a conventional brass tube and the blades are formed from plastic sheet.

The reeds are currently a development project much the same as the reed Big Jim is developing with legere and are not a commercial offering but samples have be distributed.

This reed may fit well with other chanters and may not. The reeds are made to suit chanters.

I have used composite reeds in solo competitions for a few years now with pleasing results in both D and C grades.

Some judges have described my chanter/reed sound as: Weak, Dull, shrill and insipid.

Some judges have described my chanter/reed sound as: Bright, sharp, responsive and “nice”.

The most credentialed player/judge I have performed in front of is Mr Callum Beaumont.

Mr Beaumont rated my chanter/reed as “nice”. I have kept his hand written signed score sheet for reference.

If I have missed any questions I am happy to answer any.


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