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Bellows Blown 04-21-2019 10:40 PM

Who makes this reed?

This reed was being played at a NSW Aus solo competition. This reed has the sweetest and cleanest back A you ever heard. All the top hand notes were good but the back A was just so clear good.

The boy let me take a pic but said they are not for sale and only by special order.

I just want to get one so any help you can.


Patrick McLaurin 04-22-2019 05:07 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Kinda lame the “boy” didn’t tell you who made it since it wouldn’t have mattered since they’re not for sale. Or are they since it’s special order?

Considering your location, it could be a McLaren. But I am not saying it is as McLaren does sell their reeds.

hooks 04-22-2019 03:47 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
It has a plastic look about it or is that just the way the light is shining on it.


Bellows Blown 04-22-2019 06:06 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Yes it is a plastic reed, that's why I want one.

The boy was not "lame" he just told me what he knows. He is only about 12 so he would not know a lot of detail and in this country, an old bloke getting friendly with a young boy can get the tongues wagging in ways that are not healthy so I only had a brief chat with him.

I know his band because it was on his cover but this band is a fee for service band so I am not wanting to give them a free plug and their PM probably wouldn't help me anyway. They are the lot that supported Paul McCartney when he toured here.

I blew the reed and it was just about as easy as my smallpipes so if I get one I will be able to play my highland pipes again. The boy was in the finals and this tells you that the boy's reed sounded real good.

I have also been told that the reeds are made by a New Zealand reedmaker but I have searched and found not reedmakers over there that do this.

I just want one of these reeds so I can play my pipes again so I hope someone can help. If someone from GMM can give me the details you can pm me if you don't want all to know.

Thankyou in advance


TwitchyFingers 04-22-2019 07:00 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
It looks to be the same blade plastic used in the Clanrye Synthetic reeds. I'm not sure if there's a place to get them in Australia, but the 27 written on that may correspond to red medium mentioned in the site:

Color Code Strengths Airflow (C.F.P.H) Press (P.S.I)
Yellow Easy 20-21 0.5- 0.75
Red Medium 23-27 0.8- 1.1
Blue Hard/Strong 30 1.4
I'm not sure, though, seeing as the bridle and wrap color are different than most of the pictures I've seen.
Malcolm McLaren is in Brisbane, making synthetic reeds which sound pretty good.
If, as your friend says, they are only by special order, the person making them may not be ready to go public yet, and may also not like having even a picture of their work online.
Some day, some genius will release one that fools even the experts until they see the chanter out of the stock. ;)

CalumII 04-23-2019 04:16 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?

Originally Posted by TwitchyFingers (Post 1336770)
Some day, some genius will release one that fools even the experts until they see the chanter out of the stock. ;)

Klondike Waldo 04-23-2019 03:06 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
That video is a couple of years old, but I still don't see legere Bagpipe reeds for sale anywhere yet
Just a thought- a cane oboe reed costs about the same as a good cane GHB chanter reed. A Legere synthetic oboe reed costs about $135- 50 or 6 times as much. Maybe they last that long?:shrug:

Bellows Blown 04-23-2019 03:51 PM

Re: Who makes this reed?
Thanks for the pm

Odd fellow this man

He only makes reeds for his son's band or if he knows you personally so not a businessman.

I spoke with a band player and he won't make off the shelf reeds and if you try to order a reed he will just direct you to McLaren. They are friends.

His boy has played the bag from 9 so he needed a reed that the boy could play so he went to plastic.

His reeds did well in the recent NZ championships and I am told 2 top grade pipers there use his reeds for social and commercial work. (heresay)

A local Sydney band used them in a local competition and did well against a higher grade band. (heresay)

They do not alter with moisture or temp and they last for a long time. (heresay)

That was his boy I spoke with at the NSW solo competition and he was placed in the finals. He is 13. Thats why mums the word.

One of the judges even made a direct comment to this boy on how good his chanter sounded. (heresay)

The reeds sound so good you cannot pick they are plastic. My ear and the judge results support this. The only clue is the most clear and clean back A. Apart from this they just sound like a great sounding reed.

He will not name the pipers using his reeds because they have asked him not to because of the number of pipers and judges that hate a reed just because it is plastic. Unless it is a drone plastic???? Bloody hypocrites.

The story is that he only makes reeds to the exact pitch and pressure needed and he has to have a chanter to make the reeds fit to get the result so they are only made to measure reeds.

Thats the story, thanks again for the pm.

All I have to do now is see if I can talk him into making me one.

Bellows rules.


Pip01 04-24-2019 08:45 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?

Originally Posted by CalumII

Greetings to All,

As a side note... (groan.. :) ... from minute 5:13 to
minute 6:10... is... I do believe... an old tune also
known as "The Rakes of Kildare"... and the tune of
which is used for the song... "The Limerake Rake."

Not having heard these performed in a while... it was
a very... pleasant surprise!! :)

Good tune, that!!... though most usually played a bit
more slowly... and a 2nd part... beginning about 5:50...
and that it was my first time to hear... :)

It's a very good tune... and... what I might term as... a
rather "thoughtful" song... :)

The chanter reed... sounds to be... without flaw!! :)

If this chanter reed is a synthie... I can only hope...pray...
that it shall soon be available... in at least... a range of
Medium... to downright Easy... :)

Any possibilities of that?

Regards to All,


TwitchyFingers 04-24-2019 08:58 AM

Re: Who makes this reed?

Originally Posted by Pip01 (Post 1336803)

Any possibilities of that?

Regards to All,

Yes; there is. Go check your P.O. box.

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