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Andrew Lenz 08-06-2010 11:28 AM

Banned discussions for this forum ***
Not all programs are permitted to be discussed here. Topics covering illegal copies of commercial programs are prohibited. (For instance, there is a free program online which handles BMW files, has a legitimate-looking website but is illegal.)

The following music scoring programs are open for discussion.

Bagpipe specific scoring programs
- Bagpipe Music Writer (Robert MacNeil Musicworks) - PC
- Celtic Pipes (ChorusLogic) - Mac/PC
- PiobMaster (Ceolmor Software) - PC
- Electric Pipes (The Baked Bean Company) - PC
- BagPipe (Philippe Corgier, France) - PC/Mac/Linux/Other
- Piob Mhor (Dr. Richard Macmillan) - PC - Discontinued
- PipeWriter (Alan Corrie & Lindsay Davidson) - PC - Discontinued
DO NOT post about bagpipe-specific programs that are not on this list; such posts WILL BE DELETED and you may be banned. If you feel that one should be added to this list, contact the primary W&S forum moderator, Andrew Lenz.

General scoring programs (partial list*)
- Finale (MakeMusic) - Mac/PC
- Sibelius (Avid Technology) - Mac/PC
- MuseScore (free/open source) - Mac/PC
- Lilypond (free/open source) - Mac/PC
- Lime (shareware) - Mac/PC
- Barfly (shareware) - Mac
- Melody Assistant (shareware) - Mac/PC
- TeX Typesetting System (including BagpipeTeX) - Unix/Mac/PC
*You MAY post questions about general scoring programs that are not on this list.

Drum scoring programs (partial list*)
- DrumScriobh (Ceolmor Software) - PC
- DrumNote Pro (Solutions in Software Inc.) - PC
*You MAY post questions about drum scoring programs that are not on this list.

All iPhone/iPod/Droid/etc. applications are fine as well.

VST plug-ins are also fine.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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