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Chita47 07-01-2019 09:41 PM

Cataract surgery and piping
Has any piper had cataract surgery? If you did, how soon did you return to playing the pipes and did you have any problems with your eyes once you did? I am a little hesitant to start playing too soon after surgery. The doctor says right after surgery yet eyes are so important I prefer the experience of those who have gone through it -- to be assured. Thank you. Chita

LloydB 07-01-2019 10:41 PM

Re: Cataract surgery and piping
For the record, no waiting is
required. For each of mine
I waited until the eye-shield
could be discarded, but didn't
need to.

RJB 07-02-2019 08:22 AM

Re: Cataract surgery and piping

Originally Posted by LloydB (Post 1338515)
For the record, no waiting is
required. For each of mine
I waited until the eye-shield
could be discarded, but didn't
need to.

same for me.

Pip01 07-07-2019 09:15 AM

Re: Cataract surgery and piping

Greetings to Chita47, and to All,

Ah, well... Time, Tide and Space... are now about to
qualify me... as one who may Post... in this area... :)

While the both-eyes (but at different times) surgeries
are... a month or so down the path... it would seem that
my sons(!!)... have more salient questions... than do I. :)
(As a past medical officer, I know the modern ease of it.)

Theirs are two-fold... and very simple... for the surgeon...
* Will it... change... his outlook?
* Can it possibly... do anything... for his point of view?
(They seem to have a lot that is riding on these things. :)

Genetics and intraocular pressures being what they are...
along with all of the post-op... "You may do this... and You
may that!!"... I shall take the liberty of posting here
those clinical matters... and into which I shall now soon run
headlong... that may be of general information and help... to
those of us here who may also have this matter... looming on
their horizons.

But!!... and as every patient... is individual and idiosyncratic...
both in condition... and... in treatment... none of my postings...
shall ever be any... "medical advice"... nor should be seen or
construed as such.

(Always and only!!...consult with your physicians and surgeons...
and do not heed Great Aunt Tillie... or Uncle Howard... and what
they may think... about what you... should do. :)

Rather... these future and only... personal... medical vignettes...
are only offered... to enlarge the base-line knowledge of our
present and modern-day settings for this condition... which may
affect many of us... if we are... long enough... in The Game...

("Gosh, Doc, am I going to be able to play th' fiddle after this?"
"Hmm." replied the physician; "Yes, and I don't see why not."
"Funny;" said his patient; "I never could before." :) (Oh, Groan. :)

And as with all else in The Piping Game... I hazard that this, too...
is simply a matter of... "Just keep after it." :)

Regards to All,


super8mm 07-07-2019 09:53 AM

Re: Cataract surgery and piping
I had my cataract surgeries 1 week apart. I just wore sunglasses home and took it easy for several days, just no heavy lifting or straining.

One thing to note though is that after about 4 years I had to have the lenses cleaned. The surgeon called it reoccurring cataracts. That was a cake walk though, took about 5 minutes with a laser and done.

What was not any fun at all with them using a green laser to fix a torn retina. Then I got chewed out for riding my dirt bike to my 6 month checkup :willy:

johnsog 07-12-2019 12:56 PM

Re: Cataract surgery and piping
I had mine done four years ago. While the ophthalmologist said I could play right away, I chose to wait a few weeks (four, to be exact) after the second eye was done just to be on the safe side. I feel sometimes God gives us these opportunities to rest and take a break from things. when I had the secondary cataracts done a year and a half ago, it was, as previously stated, a piece of cake and thus did not put my playing on hold. Good luck and savor the new, clear vision!!

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