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3D Piper 12-06-2018 10:51 AM

How many gigs?
About how many gigs does your band play a year?
How many are paying gigs?
Or does your band only compete?


el gaitero 12-06-2018 11:41 AM

Re: How many gigs?

Originally Posted by 3D Piper (Post 1333284)
About how many gigs does your band play a year?
How many are paying gigs?
Or does your band only compete?


I’ll go out on a limb to say even bands who ‘only compete’ take on paying gigs for fun ( split the proceeds) and/or funding to support the band.

Pppiper 12-06-2018 12:06 PM

Re: How many gigs?
When I played with a local band some years back, I seem to remember they did approximately 10-12 gigs throughout the year, and they would probably do about 3 or 4 competitions.

Most people did their best to show up to as many as they could manage, and that would usually see at minimum about 7-10 pipers per outing, and 4-6 drummers of various sorts. I'd say that's about 50-60% of the total corps.

Looking at the number, it seems like that's a lot, but I never remember feeling that it was excessive. And I don't recall any members complaining about it either. The income would seem to play for the band's expenses quite well, without anyone needing to pay dues. Gas was subsidized for those traveling over a certain amount of miles, drinks were provided for tailgating after every outing, and reeds were also provided to members (within reason ... if someone came to me asking for 2-3 reeds in a month, they'd have gotten a stern look and a talking-to). Chanters were also band property, and occasionally the band might help out members with chipping in for bag replacements, and that sort of thing. Personally, I thought that last bit, while nice, was a little excessive.

Seemed to work well, and I like that the band was constantly going out, being present for the public.


acadianpiper 12-06-2018 02:31 PM

Re: How many gigs?
My local band averages 12-16 gigs a year, of which probably half involve some sort of payment, usually a modest honorarium, although some venues reward us very generously. Because of our isolated location, accessible only by ferry or air, 2 or 3 gigs usually involve travel by ferry and it is very difficult (and expensive) for us to attend competitions.

We have an attendance policy that requires participation in at least 50% + 1 of our gigs. Allowances are made for band members' work or school schedules and illness.

pancelticpiper 02-11-2019 03:51 AM

Re: How many gigs?
Our band does few gigs, a handful a year, only ones that pay well enough to make it worth it.

There used to be a band around here that seemed to do two or three gigs every weekend, it was crazy. Their practice night was split with a competition band portion and a gig band portion (some of the players only did one or the other, some players did both).

Pip01 02-28-2019 08:12 AM

Re: How many gigs?

Greetings to All,

Just to add to our numbers soup... I discover
that... over Time...I have been a regular member
in five pipe bands... (Seems a lot... I know... but
I've had a fair amount of geographical wandering
about... :) (And sometimes... just two steps ahead
of the Sheriff !! :)

The average span of time seems to be... somewhere
in the six to eight year range for me... in each.

The last... longest... still on-going... and presumptively
into the foreseeable future... is an odd-duck one... in
that it is international... and we only get together once
a year... and that is now going on to... the 10 year mark.

The other four were all... and for lack of a better term...
"parade bands"... and were therefore given to those
vagaries of... who called us to do what... and when.

The first band had a weekly engagement... and that
went on for years and years (damned fine pub!! :) ...
so playing there was rotated a bit... so that counts up
to an easy 50-ish times a year... on its own.

And then add an additional 15 to 20-ish engagements
per year... parades... weddings... cultural occasions...
and the like...

The second... third and fourth bands... were all a bit
larger... and all averaged... I would surmise... looking
back... that each had... in excess... of 20 to 25-ish
engagements per year... depending...

I am not sure how all this might "average in" with other
pipe bands... but I thought I would cast it... into the soup, :)

Regards to All,


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