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RJB 08-06-2019 12:28 PM

Editing a post
How does one edit a post?

A small text box in the lower left corner says I can, but see no indication of how that's done.

a little help please.

Patrick McLaurin 08-06-2019 12:45 PM

Re: Editing a post
The edit function is a box that shows up to the left of the quote box on the bottom right of a post. But you only have so long before it times out and it goes away. Also, you may have to fill in the extra blank that appears below the main text field which allows you to explain the reason for the edit; though I haven’t figured out the criteria which makes that mandatory.

RJB 08-06-2019 03:01 PM

Re: Editing a post
Can't figure out the rationale behind having a 'timer' on editing. Ridiculous to my way of thinking. Other forums suffer not a whit by having the edit feature active all the time.

Whatever! :shrug:

Andrew Lenz 08-08-2019 12:54 PM

Re: Editing a post
We've had users abuse the edit function. A user kicks off a thread then goes back and either changes the entire meaning of the post and/or edits out all the text altogether . . . like a member claim something that's wrong, a series of follow up posts by others correct the claim, then the original poster edits their post making all the follow up posts seem out of place and confusing.

In the Trading Post, posters would change the price or remove an accessory AFTER the purchase agreement was made:
"The bagpipes didn't ship with the chanter."
"I didn't list it with a chanter." (He did, but he later edited it out. Bad.)

All the rules and settings are to avoid some problem that causes headaches for the moderators and others.

As it is, you post, reread your post, and you have time to make quick corrections as part of the original posting process.

If there is some major issue with a post that is realized after the fact, you can request an edit by a moderator or post again in the same thread (if allowed) to address the concern.


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