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Default Re: Transition to the Worlds

We were over last year (from the US mid-Atlantic). We play Gannaway bags and tube traps. We held five full days of practice before the World's. The key thing for us was managing playing time/moisture. You can't run a three-hour practice, uninterrupted, in that climate. You can play for an hour-ish before lunch and another somewhat longer interval in the afternoon, IF it's not raining AND everyone in the corps is diligent about emptying all moisture from the instrument in between plays and drying everything out overnight (bags included). Avoid playing early in the morning when it's coldest (good time for chanter practice) and don't be afraid to skip an outdoor session if it's raining. If you must play in the rain, shorten your practice time accordingly. Once the sound starts to deteriorate, STOP. Nothing good is going to happen after that point .

Maintenance is critical: EVERYONE must arrive with their instrument in top shape, with bags fully seasoned and moisture control devices working right. We did NOT reseat our chanter reeds. We were maybe one or two hz lower than we'd be at home, but not enough to make wholesale changes worth it. I'd advise real caution about doing that. The important thing is to establish a stable and reproducible sound as early on as possible. On the day, you will NOT want to do a long warm-up. Particularly if you get through to the final, you'll need a good instrument sound for both runs, and the weather is unpredictable and can change very quickly. You won't have much time to chase errant chanter reeds.

The short version: make sure all the instruments are tip-top and manage your playing time carefully.

Good luck! Playing at the World's is an absolute blast. We're looking to back in '19.
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