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Default Logistics and Politics of the RSPBA

Forgive me if this is a rehash but in watching this year's Worlds I caught Bob Worrall mentioning on his sign off to the effect that Glasgow will probably always be the heart of the Worlds and that it's hard to imagine it held anywhere else but perhaps this could change [to someplace else in the world].

This made me think about how the G1 lineup this year for example are 2 Northern Irish, 1 Irish, 1 New Zealand, 2 Canadian, and 9 Scottish. Part of this is qualifying and ability no doubt but a much larger component has to be expense and time opportunity cost from traveling farther distances. There are more country diversity in the lower grades to be fair.

Still it begs the question, if Scotland owns the piping culture, are costs shared across bands within the RSPBA structure so that those who qualify in say Australia or New Zealand for example can have travel costs covered to bring diverse competition in and make it accessible to all? Alternatively it seems like the Worlds should rotate countries potentially?

Along the same lines are RSPBA judges always Scottish to maintain their ownership of the culture or are adjudicators from other countries/piping cultures judging at the Worlds to truly be "worlds"?

I ask all this with curiosity btw, not with any ill sentiment.
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