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Default Re: Logistics and Politics of the RSPBA

It's all opinion but for me the RSPBA are slowly getting into the 21st century...

+ Structured Learning books, tunes, DM manual and videos freely available
+ Novice/Juvenile funding available via the RSPBA to encourage uptake
+ SLOWLY taking on board feedback,

- No cap on player numbers = bands disbanding, big bands hoarding players
- Fear of reprisals/politics ala Jim Kilpatrick speaking out, cannot compete
- Judging discrepancies, should we discount the mark which is the outlier?

To me, the cons mean that there's a huge time/financial cost for little reward for most bandsmen - any good Pipe Major or Leading Tip can identify where they went wrong in a performance, where the band section is weak generally, and how well it works together.

There are accusations of corrupt judges favouring certain bands, certain chanters getting you into the prize list (regardless of performance), huge swings in placings (our premier competition, the worlds, grade 2 final for example). To question it is to paint a target on your back.

It's all subjective though. Music. Taste. Tone. Balance. Phrasing. How are bands measured? What's the criteria it's judged against?


There's no benefit as explained by someone before when it comes to pure bands numbers, so my point is more, do we trust the RSPBA to lead the way for the benefit of the greater piping and drumming community? Can they learn from overseas associations? Should they?
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