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Default QYR CoC/RSM parade

This past Saturday the Queen's York Rangers held a change of command and RSM parade. The new commanding officer, Lt. Col. Stocker, is the 61st CO of the Rangers whose lineage goes back to the French and Indian, Am Rev War, 1812, and into modern times. Lots of work by the pipes and drums to have a successful parade.

Special guest of the regiment for the weekend was actor, Samuel Roukin who portrayed Col. John Graves Simcoe in the TV series Turn. Col.Simcoe was the commanding officer of the Rangers during the Am Rev War but was nothing like the portrayal in the series, someone has to be the bad guy.

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General Order May 2, 1779; by Order of the Commander-in-Chief The Queen's Rangers henceforth shall be known as the "1st American Regiment".
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