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Default Learning to march

Hey all!

I'll be attending my first solo competition in about 4 weeks time. I feel pretty good with my material but two of the events are marches - 2/4 and 6/8.

I've found that I struggle with the marching that is expected by the judges for these events. I'm practicing as much as I can but sometimes it feels just plain awkward, like my steps are too small or too big - or my foot will lift off at the right time, but not land on the beat. Sometimes I concentrate too much on what my feet are doing and I make a note error.

Part of the challenge is the tempos. I march with my band all the time but that's at 75bpm and up - for these tunes I'm looking at upper 50s for the 2/4 and upper 60s for the 6/8. The constant stop/start is part of the trouble too, I think.

Other than just "practice more" are there any tips or tricks for these slow marching patterns that alleviate either awkward steps, or concentration breaks in the playing itself?
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