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Default Re: Mini MSR competition. Something I'd like to see.

Originally Posted by TwitchyFingers View Post
There are so many nice two parted marches, strathspeys and reels languishing all but unnoticed in our books and archives, save for the occasional dusting off for a medley. It might be a nice addition to solo competitions, especially for the lower grades, to have a mini MSR where the competitor plays the three 2 parted tunes together as a set. A lot of the two parters seem to have more engaging melodies than their finger bending four and six part cousins. Learning to string together the march, strathspey and reel could also help develop musicality for student pipers.
I could be and am willing to be wrong on this idea.
Nothing to be "wrong" about. I have been fashioning mini MSRs for my own amusement for several decades. The idea is great.

Even great 4-part 2/4s languish in the face of artificially extended marches. 40+ years back, I used to compete with Cowal Highland Gathering, a 4-parter, as my march. Up to senior amateur I usually won, even against Highland Wedding, Lord Alexander Kennedy, and friends. Then I hit the glass ceiling, and looked up and saw a most excellent crop of Canadian pipers who did play 6-parters with superb technique, tuning, and expression.

And at that level, alas, I believe all else being equal, the 6-parter wins. BUT as a youth category, or even an adult beginner category, 2-parters would be fantastic, and potentially more musical.

A worthy idea.

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