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Default Solo Competition Breakdown

Anyone have any solo competition breakdown stories? Wondering how you felt afterwards as so much effort is needed.
Last year a piper who was to compete right before me had to take her drones & bag apart looking to correct some issue. Felt bad for her when a short while later as she was walking away without having been able to compete.
Myself= had one last month doing a solo - a twig caught in my heel stepping off after a turn !/2way through my tune causing me to trip, my fingers fumbling on my chanter while catching my balance-uggghh!! Got back to my tune and the judge still made remarks on the score sheet, corrective as well as positive, but seeing "Breakdown" circled in the middle of it was awful to say the least.
Couldn't call it a season, so I signed up for one last competition getting a nice surprise with the results.
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