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Default Re: Solo Competition Breakdown

After not competing for more years than I care to think about, I decided
to give it a try. I competed twice that season and the first judge pointed out
an issue in the third part of the jig I played in a h/p jig contest.
I worked very hard to improve that section before the second go.
When I approached the judges table for my turn, it suddenly dawned on me
that this judge was a very famous p/m, whom, up till then, I had only seen on an album cover.
I got through the hornpipe quite well I thought and dove into the jig,
really thinking about that third part. I nailed it! I was so happy!
I was so happy that I completely forgot the fourth part. Stood there
racking my brain trying to remember it, knowing that to quit was a breakdown. It didn't come back to me til just after I cut off my pipes.
He wrote very nice comments on the sheet, but the bottom line was
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