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Default Re: Solo Competition Breakdown

I agree with Jim. Going off the tune is not a Breakdown. Even if it was a big mistake, as long as you kept playing, and finished that should not have ben a BD.

Last time I competed was about a year and a half ago. We drove out to Prescott AZ. I was the last competitor of the day, playing Grade 2 Piobaireachd. The stewards had already gone over to the piping tent because it was DONE. I was in the last line of my Crunluath Doubling and I saw a group of people walking toward me. Then a woman broke away from the group and ran toward me, got within three feet of me, and stuck a camera in my face while yelling, "Can I take your picture? Can I take your picture?" I was so shocked, I just stopped playing, said, "NO!" and turned around and walked back to the judge's table. He had been making notes and hadn't seen what happened, and just asked why I had stopped. THAT's a Breakdown.

Long drive back to Arkansas.
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