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Default Re: Polyester thread instead of hemp = game changer!

Originally Posted by Green Piper View Post
Not quite sure what you were testing by calling the chanters. Anyway, there may be changes to diameter due to temperature.

Also, cold air is more dense than warm air, and I am sure that will affect pitch, but I have never tested it.


This was a cross-post, killing two birds with one stone.

On the one hand, lots of FUD about instrument swelling. Swelling is due to hemp, not to the instrument. (Of course, laws of physics apply to any material.)

On the other hand, thereís lot of FUD about pitch changes due to weather conditions. Again, the usual culprits cited are materials of the instrument. Pitch changes are due to impact on reeds.

(That said: this was a cold test. Heat test is up next.)

OP was mentioning the value of polyester thread. Makes sense to me: if a product does not react to moisture and temperature to the degree that hemp does, perhaps itís worth a serious look as yet one more innovative way towards stabilization and ease of maintenance.

Often, however, there is a very nostalgic, conservative dismissal of innovation supported by idiosyncratic tastes, romanticization, and/or pure anecdotal hearsay.

I just wanted to introduce empiricism into the discussion.

-J David Hester, PhD
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