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Default Re: Polyester thread instead of hemp = game changer!

Originally Posted by thevoidboy View Post
. ..,snip...........(Of course, laws of physics apply to any material.)

On the other hand, there’s lot of FUD about pitch changes due to weather conditions. Again, the usual culprits cited are materials of the instrument. Pitch changes are due to impact on reeds.


Often, however, there is a very nostalgic, conservative dismissal of innovation supported by idiosyncratic tastes, romanticization, and/or pure anecdotal hearsay.

I'm almost positive that reeds are made of materials also, and while I think technically a grass, they look very like and behave like wood. I'm sure that another major component of reeds is hemp.

I don't think you can say that the effectiveness of hemp is anecdotal hearsay. It seems to have worked fine for many, many years. As to conservative dismissal of innovation, I think that piping today in terms of playing styles, tune types, reed types and materials, bags, air management and even turning and decoration have undergone huge inovation in the last 30 years.

With regard to sewing thread on, say, tuning pins, if the condensation in the bore is not absorbed by this polyester thread does it "pool" in the bore? or find the area of least resistance and flow downwards? Will this flow of water erode the wood?

I'm sure I'll have other questions. I like a good inovation. But not change for changes sake.

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