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Default Re: Constructive Criticism for Pipers

Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
A crucial rule is: saying "like" or "don't like" isn't allowed.

Because liking or not liking something is a value judgement.

Beyond that, it requires no thought, no analysis. Being prevented from merely liking or not liking forces you to think, to analyse, to compare and contrast.

Yes, this is exactly the ethos that I'm trying to create - that it's not a competition, it's not a hierarchy, it's just an exploration of the elements of performance. The way I phrased this in the rules I wrote for the group was:

Be constructive
It's OK to say that something is not good, but you must explain why and how the performance could be improved. A comment that isn't actively constructive may be removed.

We are now up to about sixty members though so far only one person has been brave enough to stick their heads above the parapet - it would be great to have a few more submissions.
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