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Default Re: Constructive Criticism for Pipers

If I were still competing and happened to be doing so without the benefit of regular instruction, I might post a video here for input.

As it is, I have plenty of shortcomings that I am aware of and need to work on. I supposed that's a big part of the battle. Simply knowing where the problems lie. If one thinks one's playing is great, then there shouldn't be much hesitation posting a video of oneself . . . just know there's a possibility that the bubble may be burst!

"You are crushing your D-throw"
"Your tenors are out of tune"
"You aren't holding that C in the second bar long enough"
"Your double-Es are too open"
"Your high-A is wavering"

But for perfectionists like me, all that is helpful. My goal is to be as good as possible so that on a bad day, it'll still sound good.

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