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Default Re: Constructive Criticism for Pipers

Originally Posted by Pppiper View Post
1 - People need to learn how to offer objective and helpful feedback/criticism.

2 - People need to learn how to RECEIVE objective and helpful feedback/criticism.

Both of these are equally essential, and yet, too often I run across folks who just don't seem to have grasped one or either of these concepts...

Check both your ego and your self-doubts at the door, as neither of these are conducive toward improving one's abilities.

Cheers all,
On a related way to 'improve', even if one chooses not to compete:

I often suggest that band members--whether pipers or drummers (usually during attendance at various games)--watch other bands and specific corps and/or musicians to pick up on a number of things beyond just playing skill (e.g., bearing, expression). For instance, I suggest that our drummers--whether sides, tenors or bass--watch other band's drum corps and how they look, position, perform, sound, etc. Related to your point of lack of grasping some concepts, I become frustrated when I'm faced with their apathy, and thus total lack of interest, which also communicates no interest in improving.
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