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Default Re: Thistle Gildry Pipe Band, NY City circa 1950's

(Resurrecting this old thread, as I just joined the forum.)

My father, Ed Visser, played with the Thistle Guildry Pipe Band, with Joe Brady, Sr. (already mentioned), and with the notable piper, "Billy Barr," now U.S. Attorney General William Barr, in the 1960's.

The instructor I knew who was associated with the band was Pipe Major John McKenzie, 6th Bat. H.L.I., retired. He was my father's instructor, and I know he was Williams Barr's, as well.

They met at the Second Presbyterian Church on 96th St. and Central Park West. I think the pipe band was an adjunct to the Thistle Guildry, a Scottish Society. Highland dance was taught there, too, with the instructor at the time being Jean "Aunt Jean" Waters. My two brothers and I did highland dance there, and entered competitions at the highland games we attended.

I remember a female piper named Joyce Fox.

I can't remember any more names at the moment. If I recall or learn more I'll add it here. I'm sure Joe Brady, Jr., can add much more if he can be reached.

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