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Default Re: Searching for tunes with a high B note

Originally Posted by Patrick McLaurin View Post
Iím curious about this version of STB. Iíve got the tune that goes with John MacLeanís March which is similar but it goes to high B in the 3rd bar and high C in the 2nd line. Different tune or are you thinking of it in G where Iím thinking in A?

T: Scotland The Brave
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2 D>E|FD FA|d2 d>c|dA FD|G2 B>G| FA FD| E2A>B|AG FE|
D2 D>E|FD FA|d2 d>c|dA FD|G2 B>G| FA FD|E2 D>E|D4|
e2 e>d|ec A2|d2 f>e|dA FA|d2 dd|c2 dc|Bd cB|AG FE|
D2 D>E|FD FA|d2 d>c|dA FD|G2 B>G| FA df|e2 AB/c/|d4|

Sorry, you'll have to transpose, but I'm sure you can manage. The tune to John MacLean's is based on Scotland the Brave but Hamish had a habit of being quite free with his adaptations of tunes - I think his song predates the tune becoming famous in the early fifties.
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