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Default Re: Pinkie Finger Down for Quick C?

Part of the issue is WHAT is perceived at such high speed by the human ear, and solo versus band presentation. An experienced PM years ago suggested that the human ear would not register the difference between an open or closed C in a very fast cut note. However, he also suggested that either way, the entire band should play the same on that quick C. Fairly much the common sense of most musician-pipers.

That said, the better a piper was taught, and practiced efficiently, and learned to play the faster tunes well with clean fingers, the less this open C is even an issue.

I used to think about this because my first tutor was an elderly woman who played with an old Hardie chanter. Closing the C sounded bad. But on my newer Hardies, open Cs sounded bad.

Open, if at all, only on very quick Cs. I'd never advise an open C on a tachum in a march. The better tuned your pipes, the steadier your blowing, the more you will hear the difference in all but the most rapid of phrases.
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