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Default Re: Pinkie Finger Down for Quick C?

Originally Posted by CalumII View Post
Certainly it is possible to detect the gross pitch of very short notes. Gracenotes that aren't what I expect stand out a mile. However, the Western ear is very good at classifying notes into scale degrees, so I suspect it would take some degree of training to be able to pinpoint intonation issues.

The other point that occurs to me is that an open C could easily be played too quickly. Many short Cs have a dynamic role and need a certain "width" to achieve that effect.
And there you have it. Many "pipers" will rely on apparent rules, and what they were told, rather than relying on their ears. The electronic tuner generation needs an external device to let them know if they're playing in tune. Hearing an open C as an off-note is a matter of training for most, I suspect. Yet we do not hear the "false" tones of "false" fingered gracenotes and embellishments, so . . .
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