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Default Re: Installing a sole to a sole-less Pipe Chanter

There is a "right way" and a "wrong way". The "right way" is to turn a tenon on the end of the chanter and chase external threads on it that match internal threads on the sole. Screw them together and adhere with the glue of choice. If the threads fit up well, I use a liquid hide glue which can be reversed with heat and moisture.

A simpler approach is to turn a tenon that is a press fit to the hole in the middle of the sole. Again, glue of choice. I've used liquid hid glue, Tightbond, and G-flex epoxy. This epoxy if formulated for tropical hardwoods and gluing dissimilar materials.

I used the terms right and wrong in quotation marks because I'm sure someone will strenuously object to one or both of my methods or recommendations. Unless you are already a skilled turner, I suggest contacting a bagpipe maker for a new sole.

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