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Default Re: What happened at McCain's memorial service

Originally Posted by AndrewLam View Post
Boy are there some right sanctimonious arseholes on here.

Just listen to some of you, "I take it a spare chanter, I wouldn't take on a job above my ability etc etc."

You make me want to puke. If the guy screwed up, he screwed up. Why do you have to be so nasty about it.

Actually, the problem is that paying members of the public get ripped-off by people claiming to be pipers. They hear poorly executed piping on poorly tuned and maintained pipes and think that the piper did a decent job. It is a disservice to piping and the heritage of the music.

I have no idea what caused the poor performance seen at the McCain service. It is possible that the piper is competent and a strange accident happened.

One good thing that could come out of this is that lessons may be learned and we’ll not have to suffer this kind of performance again in the future.
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