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Default Burns' Night Tunes

What tunes would you play for a Burns' Night?

I'm thinking: Rantin' Rovin Robin, My Love, She's But A Lassie Yet; Jenny Dang The Weaver, Haughs Of Cromdale, Ye Banks and Braes Of Bonnie Doon, Will Ye No Come Back Again, Hey, Ca' Thro, Logie O'Buchan, Scots Wha Hae/Land o' The Leal, Comin' Through The Rye, Loch Lomomd, A man's A Man for a' That (to march in the haggis) Ae Fond Kiss, Auld Land Syne.
What have I left out? ( or, what would YOU leave out)

Mods please delete my other post in MUSIC- it guess this is more apprpriate to this forum.
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