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I've taken off the rubber bridles on some of my old EzeeDrone reeds and wrapped on a traditional hemp bridle which seems to improve the tone.

My experience with EzeeDrone reeds in Scottish Smallpipes is perhaps unique: I bought a set of very old Cocus & Ivory Miniature Highland pipes on Ebay several years ago for $200. I was the only bidder. They still have the original cowhorn mouthpiece. The ancient hide bag was so fragile it was pretty much falling apart, like the wrappings on a mummy.

It didn't come with a chanter so I had John Walsh make me an ABW chanter (the only wood he had). I had him make the chanter in A=440.

Now, being as this old set had no chanter with it there was no way to tell what the original pitch was, but when I put EzeeDrone SSP reeds in it the drones were very sharp, producing C#!

I was out at a Tionol and somebody had EzeeDrone reeds in their D uilleann drones. I noticed that these were very long, and knowing that I needed to get a lower pitch out of my SSP drones, on a whim I stuck these uilleann D EzeeDrone reeds in my old SSPs.

Wow! They played bang-on at A=440, with a great tone, easy to strike in, and very stable. They tune in at all the "right" places with the tenors up at the hemp line and the bass top high and the bass mid low. I've been playing these SSPs like this for years and they're a wonderful set.
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