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Default Re: Moderator meeting in Ft. Wayne Indiana

My mother, who now lives in Texas, was born & raised in Indianapolis and has a cousin who lives with family in Ft. Wayne. We'd visit them from time to time, but after my grandmother died (and was buried in Columbia City, nearby), I thought I'd never really have a reason to go back. However, a few years later I found myself managing a team located in Ft. Wayne and traveled there several times for training and other meetings. When that department was eliminated, I once more thought that I would never see the place again.

I don't know how any of that is any way shape or form relevant to anything in particular; but I guess I'm just reacting to the fact that for some reason, Ft. Wayne seems to have entered the picture now again, even if it's just a passing mention on an internet forum for a hobby I only recently picked up. Life is weird. (or maybe I'm weird...haven't quite sorted that one out yet.)
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