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Default Putting' it out there...

Participated in my first Archie Kenneth Quaich. Marvelous event and venue. Highly recommended to those of you in the UK and Europe. Heck, I flew in from the States, and would/will do it again.

Audience member recorded my performance of Lament for Finlay (Haharin hiotra) from the Campbell. Posted it to, if any of you are interested.

MacDonald style cadences (when performed) and crahinins. Full traditional taorluaths and crunluaths (you would call them "redundant A"). Urlar refrain before the crunluath, as typically assumed up to the 20th Cent.

You'll see the judges comments and my own notes. With some trepidation, I put this out there for others in the community to comment, and am happy to answer any questions, etc.

This will be the first of many such experiments in competing and recording (the hard part is recording - both finding the resource to do the recording, and the listening thereafter).

Hope you enjoy!
J David Hester
Alt Pibroch Club
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