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Default Re: Canmore Hybrid bags

Originally Posted by DapperDan View Post
I've been eyeballing a Canmore hybrid for a spare set of pipes that may have a worn bannatyne bag. I want to either sell them or set them up as parade/band pipes maybe, but would want them to be airtight first in either case.

My question is, how does the blowpipe stock grommet on the Canmore hybrid compare to the one on the Bannatyne? Is it positioned differently? In a promotional video for the bag, I believe Craig Munro said the Canmore hybrid bag was recently re-designed with the positioning of this grommet made more comfortable. On the Bannatyne bag on the pipes now, the blowpipe doesn't point towards my mouth, at all (sticks up almost parallel to my neck). I'm not saying this is a problem with the product, thats just how it sits for me with the way I hold my pipes, and the pressure on the grommet (not to mention my teeth) can't be good. Since you can't tie in your own stocks with these, I'm wondering if there's a difference.
I’ll be helping a student put on a new Canmore hybrid in a day or two. Ive installed two myself on my own pipes. I’ve installed 6-8 over the past few years for others. The collars on btyne or Canmore are essentially the major diff to significantly impact the lay of the blowstick. ( unless Canmore has indeed made a major change in the last year or so....doubtful,but I’ll soon see)

What works for me ..previously said here, to push the backside of the blowstick stock down further into the bag ( the stock groove will not be locked in the collar ring) . With the backside further in ( less combing- beading exposed) the front outward facing side will have conversely more combing- beading exposed) ,
The effect is the stock will now be pointing towards your mouth. When done right..the mouthpiece tip will always be resting right at your lips. ( it might take more than one attempt to get it just right...then tape it securely in place)

Sidebar comment...I use a tube trap in both my sets. The 90 degree elbow connector to the bstick stock rotates fairly easily as it is positioned with a thick wrap of telfoln tape to avoid rotting,swelling and provide this ‘swing-ability) . Occasionally when bringing the pipes up i might find it good to swing the elbow to a very slightly ‘better’ position from outside the bag also help align the mouthpiece tip a tich.

Key point for me personally is to have that mouthpiece tip rest at my lips when I am looking straight ahead...very slightly ‘up bubble’...not left ,right or downwards.
Good luck..perseverance wins .
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