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Default Re: Canmore Hybrid bags

Originally Posted by DapperDan View Post
Well, I noticed two things after I finished reading this thread:

1. The Bannatyne bag on my spare set of pipes, now that I just checked it, leaks like a sieve. All along the glued seam. It's about 3 years old. Not sure what would have made it deteriorate so badly, maybe it was stored in a hot shed before the vendor who sold me my pipes put in on or something. I know it's a reputable product. I had taken good care of it.
2. Canmore Hybrid bags are, serendipitously, currently on sale at one of the major online vendors here in the US. One is on the way.

I wonder, how did it go for the OP? might try a healthy swab of Krazy Glu all along the leaky seam and tape with a good hard roller ( eg small width wallpaper seam roller) . It’s good enough to mend split wood ...and split skin in a wound. Ps...what was the cost of a new hybrid Canmore ?
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