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Default Re: Complete reed making kits with tools

Originally Posted by Pip01 View Post

I would not make... and then play my own reeds... and
for the very same reason that I would not go out and buy
a kit... and then make... and fly... my own helicopter... !!...
I agree with Pip01 here. But if I had a helicopter, I would be sure to put fuel in it, oil, etc.

Why not have a reed care/manipulation kit? There's always a lot of good advice on the forum to sand a reed or trim the edges, but I'm sure an inexperienced hand with improper tools could destroy a beautiful reed by sanding or chopping it up. A kit with proprietary "tools for dummies" could help the average piper maintain his/her professionally made reeds.

I'd rather shell out a few bucks on tools made by reed makers than run to Lowes and buy whatever mandrels, cutters, etc is on the shelf.
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