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Default 'Non-playing' competitive factors

I'm curious about how tone, and visual presentation is used as a factor in judging competitions. What kind of comments have you gotten about tone on your score sheets? My Naill's were stolen, and it will be a while before I'll be able to afford something equal so I'm wondering how you think things would turn out if I did some grade 1 competitions with a poly set... If I was in tune, stable, and cleaner playing than my competitors would I have a chance? With all of that being equal then of course the better instrument would produce a better sound, which would be deserving of the win. I'm just curious how much the instrument matters at different levels of competition... On the same token, have you gotten any comments about 'visual presentation'? I haven't seen anyone competing at higher levels with a wrinkled kilt or missing buttons, and I'm wondering if that's because everyone is totally on top of their game, or if they're aware of a tangible competitive advantage to looking the part. My kilt's a bit ill-fitting and I'd hate to have something trivial like that affect my results... Thank you for your thoughts!
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