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Default Repro horseshair sporrrans (Pakistan); worth it or not?

Horsehair sporrans are inexplicably expensive. Has anyone seen firsthand any of the reproduction military horsehair sporrans being sold from Pakistan via eBay and various reenactor suppliers? Example here:

I'm aware of how sellers often use non-representative images to hawk their wares. But are these items any kind of decent value for money? Actual vintage items are too costly to risk in the field and commissioning a replica from a Highland outfitter would be nearly as expensive. If I wanted a respectable Cameron Highlanders sporran that I wouldn't worry so much about in rain or dirt, as a "costume" item, would these fit the bill? Or just a poorly made waste of money? How hard can it be to work with leather and horsehair, compared to bagpipes? (On the other hand, I had a plain leather sporran once that probably was made in Pakistan or India, and the leather was hard, the strap rigid and buckle very cheap, and the dye rubbed off.) Opinions and counsel welcome!

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